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Completed Building Envelope Study

Finalising Feasibility study on metropolitan project. A detailed Feasibility study, Project Details, land details with restrictions and caveats, company reports, building envelope studies. Once FULL payment is received, plans are reports are to be released to your nominated address. Invoice must be paid to proceed to next stage.

Services Inclusions:

  • Property details : Land Size, dimensions, and land area
  • Easements notification.
  • No. of storeys that can be proposed to council
  • Building Envelope Studies by Architect team
  • Surveyor and arborist (May not be needed depending on staging
  • Council application fees
  • The Package is per item and ONLY includes feasibility stage which does not include town planning and construction drawings and other consultants fees.
  • If the feasibility does not meet your requirement, we can use the remaining amount of money (To Be Confirmed) to be carried forward to next feasibility project until you like the returns based on our feasibility studies on the property address.
  • If the fund is not sufficient to undertake next project and you would like to refund the money based on the item you paid previously. We will ensure we refund maximum up to 70%, all depending and subject to amount of hours and efforts our consultants have put on. We will confirm your nominated bank details via email. The refund will be the $agreed amount – $local bank fees.
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